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Durometers - Shore A - Shore D - Australia

We stock Manual and Digital Durometers in Australia. Typical scales are Shore A and Shore D to measure hardness of Rubbers, elastomers and plastic. Call us to discuss your application.

A Durometer is another name for a hardness tester or Sclerometer that measures rubber and plastic. Durometers measure in the scale of Shore and the most common varieties are Shore A and Shore D. They can be supplied in the traditional mechanical type or as a digital Durometer. They comply to the standard ASTM D2240 which is a common standard that asks for an average result over 5 tests.

Our Starr DSD series of digital Durometers allows users to automatically calculate this average result along with min, max and standard deviation. This data can be saved to memory our output to computer for further analysis.

We supply durometers that meet all budgets from our own TE-275-A mechanical durometer to our entry level DSD-A digital durometer. We also keep in stock durometers from Teclock in Japan and Bariess brand from Germany.

Other less common scales of Shore, such as B, C, F, OO and more are also available for testing any elastomeric material from hard plexi-glass to ultra soft foam material.

Please contact Testequip to discuss your requirements and budget and we will provide assistance with the correct hardness tester / durometer for your application.


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